When Peter and the disciples launched out to cross the Sea of Galilee, the skies were clear. A breeze gently rocked their boat. After a stressful day of ministry, this was the perfect opportunity for Jesus to rest his head on a cushion at the back of the boat, close his eyes, and go to sleep (Mark 4:35–41).
A few miles out, violent winds struck without warning, tossing the boat like a leaf on the water, sending waves crashing over the side. As a professional fisherman, Peter knew what was about to happen. If they couldn’t make it to shore, they would be added to the numbers of men who had already drowned on this sea.
Peter shook Jesus to awaken him, shouting, “Don’t you care that we’re about to die?”
After speaking to the wind and the waves, calming them, Jesus said the disciples had no reason to fear, that they lacked faith.
At times, I find myself in a boat like Peter. As far as my understanding goes, my fear is justified. Others in similar situations have been in bad trouble, so I have every reason to believe I’m about to drown too. What am I missing?
Maybe I need to recognize that I have Jesus in the back of my boat, and I should wake him up.

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