Knowing Christ settles any argument we might have about who he is.1 Eyewitnesses gave verifiable testimony of what Jesus said and did—the miracles, divine knowledge, and how he was beaten and crucified, was buried, and rose from the dead to reveal the Father’s love.2
Jesus is the manifestation of God in human flesh.3 He is fully man, one who cares deeply about our hurts and hangups.4 He is fully God,5 offering forgiveness for our sins,6 wanting to make us new creatures.7
The most important aspect of Jesus’ message is: “It is more blessed to give than receive,”8 because this truth is crucial to believing we should sacrifice our self-centered lives and be reconciled to a self-sacrificing God.9
Truth may be found in tradition, but tradition loses its value when it becomes a substitute for a relationship with God.10
Satan is like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour,11 but he is only a fallen angel12 who is limited by what God allows for a good and necessary purpose .13 Satan’s modus operandi is to appear as an angel of light,14 to blind us to the person God called us to be, agents to express God’s love. Satan presents a powerful message that it is more blessed to receive than to give, that we need to trust ourselves, be independent, and create our own success. .15
Abundance in life will never be found in what we possess.16 Our self-worth rises as we recognize who we are in Christ, how our value becomes great when we are used by God in giving.17 If we fail to be the givers God created us to be, we will be cut off.18
God’s message in the Bible is inherently true, but our interpretations and applications are sometimes flawed.19 We need the Holy Spirit to show us the way we should go.20
God is timeless, Creator through Christ of all that is real, including the realm of time. He is without beginning or end, and can see the future better than we can see the past.21
God is all-powerful, limited only by his nature, purpose, and commitment to the free will of his creation. He sees every action we take and even knows our thoughts.22
God’s desire is that no one perish,23 and his disciples are called to encourage right choices in others.24
We are saved by grace, not by works.25 Yet the cost of discipleship is total commitment.26

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