Eyewitness Stories


Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John translated into easy-to-read language for today. Versified the same as the King James Version. This book provided a majority of the wording for Eyewitness: The Life of Christ Told in One Story.

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The truth is verified by many witnesses.

A refreshing new translation of the Gospels that is easy to read and understand.

  • Matthew spoke to those who knew the Scriptures and the promise of a Messiah but didn’t know who Jesus was. Repeatedly, he pointed to fulfillment of ancient prophecies that proved he was the Son of God.
  • Mark wrote the shortest of all the accounts, a mass market version about the life of Christ, that could be more easily copied and distributed to all who needed to hear the good news.
  • Luke, being a physician, wanted details to show that the unbelievable rumors about what Jesus had done were really true.
  • John clarified what had already been written and added important information to make our understanding more complete.

Jesus said, “Take one or two people with you so the facts may be established by two or three witnesses.” – Matthew 18:16