Happy Grandpa Day

How to Draw a Heart

Draw an upside-down butt with 2 circles.

Then add a triangle.

Erase the counter lines.

Write from the heart.

On Father’s Day, I received the usual thanks from my three sons. What I didn’t expect was a hand-drawn thanks from my grandson Hunter, who decided to recognize “Happy Grandpa Day” with instructions on how to draw a heart.
When it comes to drawing hearts, I’m thinking our heavenly Father must be the best. I know he has changed mine over the years and made it much better.
I will replace your hard, self-centered heart with a soft, giving heart. I will give you a new spirit unlike what you had before, for I will put my own Spirit within you, causing you to walk in my ways, knowing what is right and doing it. — Ezekiel 36:27, Frank Ball paraphrase

Here’s how to draw a heart that illustrates a physical impossibility.