My father loved the Lord. I never had any reason to doubt that, because he was the same person at home as he was when he stood before the congregation at church, preaching. Apart from his love for practical jokes, he had always been honest and truthful in everything he said and did.
Because he had never lied to me, I was inclined to listen when he told me what God wanted.
Much of his advice changed my life for the good. Sometimes I think I should write a book titled Lessons from My Father, but other projects keep getting in the way.
No doubt, his words and example were an essential part of my coming to know the Lord for myself, saving my life. Because learning is progressive, we often talked about God—who he was, what he wanted, how to know him better. How to listen.
One day, he said, “A weak Christian wants to hear a word from the Lord. A strong Christian already knows the word of the Lord, because he’s always listening.”
God gave us his Spirit to guide us, to show us what is right. Sometimes I question whether we should be looking for a second opinion. Maybe we should just listen.
Jesus said, “If you who are evil know how to give good gifts to your children, you can be sure your heavenly Father will give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him.” — Luke 11:13, from Eyewitness: The Life of Christ Told in One Story