I’m getting older. If I think that’s not the case, I need only compare my mirror image with my four-year-old driver’s license. I keep wondering when the difference will be so significant that I can’t get through airport security.
The hair on my head that hasn’t turned loose has turned white, which I’ve recently learned is a good thing. According to my grandkids, the reason their Grampa is very wise is “because he has white hair.” Now I have a reputation to uphold.
In the last seventy years, I’ve learned a lot. Thankfully, many of those painful lessons won’t have to be repeated. But with every day’s experience comes an opportunity to discover something new, which I faithfully add to my list of “lessons learned,” which helps me not forget.
I’m an old dog who can still learn new tricks, but I have to keep reading, studying, and working to keep my mind sharp. In May 2013, I began playing the brain games on Lumosity.com. In the first year and a half, my mental sharpness index rose from 928 to 1606, a sign of significant improvement, and I still spend fifteen to thirty minutes each day, practicing and occasionally hitting a best-ever score.
This isn’t a game to see how I compare with others. It’s to see how I can be a better me, and more perfectly be the person God wants me to be. That’s something you and I and everybody else can become—if we want to bad enough to keep playing the game.

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