God’s Plan
Length: 224 Pages
ASIN: 0615952402
ISBN: 9780615952406

A six-week chronological study of the life of Christ covering the period from the beginning to Jesus at age twelve. In each session’s stories, the “speculative realism” storytelling style retains the biblical and historical information, yet gives you the kind of captivating experience you’d find in a bestselling novel. Follow the emotional journeys of many eyewitnesses. Walk with them through their struggles. Feel the pain of their worries. And share the joy of their victories.

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About the Book
Why should we commit to a plan that isn’t ours?

Society teaches the need for careful planning, as if we can control the forces that determine our future. Actually, well-laid plans frequently fail because we don’t have sufficient ability, resources, and foresight to guarantee our success.

We fare best when we’re not the ones in control, but we know the One who is. In following God’s plan, one step at a time, we experience the greatest successes.

The speculative realism of the Eyewitness Disciple life-of-Christ stories provides the next best thing to being there. Walk with those God touched, hear his voice, and see his miracles. Experience people’s thoughts and feelings as their lives are changed. And gain confidence in God’s plan for your own life.

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