Acts of the Messengers in the Early Church
Series: Bible Translation
Length: 196 Pages
ASIN: 0692703667
ISBN: 9780692703663

This book of Acts considers the expertise of thousands of scholars and uses unique paraphrasing skills to bring light and life to the Bible’s text that is often assumed boring or difficult to understand.

About the Book

Could life-changing events in the early church be crucial for us today? In two thousand years, human nature hasn’t changed much. People lie, cheat, and steal. In our streets, we’re still fighting wars and hearing news about wars. Greed often prevails over giving and grace. So what worked in the first century is definitely needed today. After meeting Jesus on the way to Damascus, the apostle Paul said, “We treasure the light of his presence shining from our hearts, because the magnitude of its power is from God and not from us.” In every city, Paul told his story with the hope that Jesus would shine his light through others, giving them abundance in life greater than anything they could imagine. Now you can read his story and many others as you have never seen before.

Discussion Questions

For individual Bible study and group discussion, from the book’s Discussion Questions section, you may choose from hundreds of questions related to almost every verse. With the form provided, you can ask the author for his insights concerning any question listed in the book.

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