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What Is Effective Evangelism?

Those who need salvation aren’t interested in hearing the traditional message about Jesus. While they may nod, being courteous, their lives remain unchanged. They believe all Christians are hypocrites with an “I’m better than you” attitude.

Use SCOOP to Write a Captivating Story

Five essential elements are necessary to get readers emotionally involved.
  • Situation: The condition, often a problem, that gives the story a sense of purpose at the beginning
  • Character: The flawed person whose needs matter most
  • Objective: The need that our character is desperate to satisfy
  • Obstacles: Barriers that put the goal’s fulfillment in doubt
  • Plight: The great loss for failure, the great gain for success

All the Bible’s information on the life of Christ in a chronological story that reads like a novel.

Actions that seems prudent in foresight can look irresponsibly negligent in hindsight. — Daniel Kahneman